Decaying Days

The Decaying Days trilogy is out now!

This fast paced apocalyptic story follows three main groups of characters: The Odd Blockers, the Brutes, and Prospect Heath. Whether you’re reading about society’s lovable outcasts, the scientists trying to cure Wailerism, or the group being led astray by a man with murderous blood-lust, you won’t be short of page turning moments. The risen dead aren’t as devastating as their living counterparts, and to begin with, the authorities look like they have a way to control the afflicted living and kill the dead, but control is a fantasy and destruction is all but certain.

If death doesn’t come for the survivors, if Wailerism isn’t in their DNA, they will still face irreparable change. Bones will break, skin and sinew will reform. The cost of retaining a human soul is mutation. Super strength has it’s advantages in a decaying world, but when that strength comes with a physical weight, a slip into the ocean will see you forever on the seabed. How about water-cannon arms? Pressurised water can be devastating up close, just mind your water source doesn’t deplete before hungry mouths find their way to you. And who said being a parent was easy? Sprinkle in the right mutation, and you could be the proud parent of child dangerous to themselves and everyone around them.

I could tell you this trilogy is what you get if you take The Walking dead, X-Men, and your local council estate, and put them in a blender, but these books have more to them than that.

For more information and links to buy, check out the Books section on this website.

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