Decaying Days is a fast paced, sci-fi apocalypse trilogy. It follows three main groups of survivors through an increasingly hostile world.

Decaying Days

Book 1 of the Decaying Days trilogy.

When the world has come undone, it will not find reprieve.

Then who among the fated few, will find the time to grieve.

They came in trickles, stumbling dead and ravenous living. These sporadic outbreaks threatened to reshape humanity, but hope was at hand. A gifted scientist developed a serum that stilled the dead, inoculated the living, and dulled the hunger of the afflicted.

Collared dead-eyed monsters cleaned the streets, and manned the production lines, but this control wouldn’t last.

Society’s misfits were gifted this world as it crumbled.

Part of a vigilante zombie slaying group for hire, Luke stockpiled supplies. He saw the end coming.
Kronic lived in hope of a cure, caring for his collared girlfriend, but he still made contingency plans.
Every part of Sadie’s fragmented mind loved her children, they kept her three selves together.

With an explosion of newly afflicted and whispers of strange mutations, those who survive may never be human again.

Decaying Days: Evolve

Book 2 of the Decaying Days trilogy.

See the wound, stitch the break in my heart

Frame the knife in my back, call it art

Let it weep, let it fester, gather flies

Watch me drown in a narrative of lies

They missed their window to make for the island, now the Odd Blockers must wait out the winter in the forest, until tides are more favourable.

But dead and wailing monsters are not the only threats to be found in the rebel village.

As Claire’s sickness gets worse, the Brutes make some unlikely allies.

Unease at Prospect Heath grows, as the mushrooms are used to control civilians as well as the military personnel.  

A war rages in Sadie’s mind. James believes her DNA holds the key to the cure, but will her Wailer gene win out?

Humans are mutating, mutants are dying, and mutant zombies are rising.

Decaying Days: Grieve

Book 3 of the Decaying Days trilogy.

The vortex of death, remorseless and blind

Swallows the lives of all mankind

Our souls will live on, believe this illusion

In truth, absence is all that is proven

What remains of the Odd Blockers make it to the island, and so do the Brutes.  

The mastermind behind the outbreak also stakes her claim on the island, and plots to eradicate the last known link to a cure—Sadie.

James and Graham make some progress with the cure, and with the help of the recovered Mushroom-men, they start to retake their city.

Brutus shows more of his true nature to Claire, and she fears for her life, and her unborn child’s.

The Odd Blockers are protectors, they are builders, and creators. They deserve the peace the island offers, but they will be tested, and they will know great loss.

There were no monsters on the island before they arrived, but they’ve brought more than one with them.

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