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Decaying Days Riley’s Story

The apocalypse has been avoided… or so it seems.

Riley is an outspoken teen with a moral compass. She doesn’t like the way the Wailers — white eyed, blank stared, rage driven humans — are treated. When they’re collared, they’re calm, so why can’t everyone just adjust and wait for a cure? Her world is about to come crashing down. The collars are losing control and a surge of newly afflicted Wailers flood the street. With no one left to inject the dead, they rise up too. Like most survivors in the Decaying Days world, Riley will get a mutation, but it’s not the most useful thing to have in a fight, and she’ll have to fight and flee to survive each new day.

A fast-paced origin story for the fan favourite, Riley, with a few nods to other Decaying Days characters. With humour, action, and sobering reality, Riley’s story is an epic short read.

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