Rachael Boucker lives in the Forest of Dean with her partner and three children. She volunteers at the local library and runs a reading group from there. Not young enough to be impressive, nor old enough to be spectacle, Rachael juggles her family life alongside her writing and painting.

Shade of the Night Order (due to be released 2020), as an early draft was longlisted for the Blue Pencil agency’s international first novel award in 2017, but her writing started earlier than that. Decaying Days was originally intended to be a series of short comics, turning her dates into comical zombie themed graphic novels, as gifts for her partner, Richard. However, the story grew quicker than she could draw, and it morphed into something bigger.

Her love of horror started with Goosebumps and Point Horror, and soon she was raiding her parents’ bookshelves for Steven King novels. With an equal love for fantasy and science fiction, you can expect to find creative thinking between the dark fiction pages she pens.

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